Who are the board members

The board of the SMLA works, like all members of the association, based on a militia system and therefore acts generally on a pro bono basis. The board consists of four to six members with a term of office of 3 years.

At present, the board of the SMLA consists of:

Prof. Dr. Alexander von Ziegler

President of the SMLA

Alexander von Ziegler is a partner at Schellenberg Wittmer Ltd and leads its Trade and Transport team as well as the practice team Insurance. He is specialised in all fields of trade and transport law, including Martime Law.
Alexander von Ziegler is titular professor for "international trade law" at the University of Zurich and has published numerous publications in his field of practice. Additionally, he was secretary general of the International Union of Marine Insurance (1992-1997), secretary general of the Comité Maritime International (1996-2003) and member oif the Swiss delegation of the UNCITRAL, which was entrusted with the drafting of a new transport agreement (Rotterdam Rules). He is president of the Transport Law Commission (SSC) and since 2013 a member of the executive counsel of the CMI.
Alexander von Ziegler is President of the Swiss Maritime Law Association since 1991. His predecessors were Prof. W. Müller and Dr. Rudolf Sarasin.
Prof. Dr. Alexander von Ziegler
Attorney at Law

Schellenberger Wittmer Ltd
Löwenstrasse 19
CH-8021 Zurich

T +41 44 215 5252
F +41 44 215 5200
E-mail: alexander.vonziegler@swlegal.ch

Dr. Thomas Burckhardt


Thomas Burckhardt is a partner at Simonius Pfrommer & Partner in Basel and specialised in corporate and commercial law (including transport law, martime law and aviation law). He is a titular member of the Comité Maritime International and presided the Swiss Association for Aviation and Space Law (ASDA) from 1996-2006.

Dr. Thomas Burckhardt, LL.M.
Attorney at Law

Simonius Pfrommer & Partner
Aeschenvorstadt 67
CH-4010 Basel

T +4161 206 45 45
F +4161 206 45 46
E-mail: thomas.burckhardt@advokaten.ch

Andreas Bach


Andreas Bach leads the departement for transport, aviation and credit and surety damages at Swiss Re (Swiss Reinsurance Company Ltd).
Andreas Bach is a Swiss attorney at law and English Chartered Insurer (ACII).
He represents the interests of the Swiss Chapters of the CMI in the working group for the revision of the rules on general-average.

Andreas Bach
Head Claims Marine, C&S & Aviation
Director Property & Casualty Business Management

Swiss Reinsurance Company Ltd
Mythenquai 50/60
8022 Zurich

T +41 43 285 39 84
F +41 43 282 39 84
M +41 79 207 30 70
E-mail: Andreas_Bach@swissre.com

Dr. Regula Hinderling

Secretary General

Regula Hinderlings specialist fields and main practice areas are litigation, labour law as well as contract and transport law.

Dr. Regula Hinderling
Attorney at Law

burckhardt Ltd
Anwälte · Notare · Steuerexperten
Mühlenberg 7, Postfach 258
CH - 4010 Basel

T +41 61 204 01 01
F +41 61 204 01 09
E-mail: hinderling@burckhardtlaw.com